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Early October 1995, Lacroix wanted 30 year old Roy; Serge Savard wanted 23 year old Owen Nolan. Roy was surprisingly on the outs in Montreal, wrongfully scapegoated for the poor trades of Savard. Lacroix actually phoned Savard five minutes after Savard had been fired and said yes. Savard literally took the call while he was packing up his things in his office. Montreal had already traded for Recchi, Turgeon and Malakhov and Savard thought they were two players away, Nolan being one of them. Savard also wanted a goalie to fill in until Theodore was ready (he wanted Fiset). Avs still get Keane because of the controversy in Montreal that led to his trade.

But if the Avs don't get the depth from the Lindros trade, they aren't just a goalie away, so the Roy trade might not make sense for them. They might have signed him FA if Montreal trades him elsewhere and he then wants to join Lacroix or if Montreal had gone downhill which seems likely after the slew of ridiculous trades by Savard (as has been said here). If the Avs don't do the Nolan-Roy thing, they have to trade someone for depth and it's probably Nolan or Sundin as we know. Since they are full up at center, you have to think Sundin goes and they hang onto Nolan. Maybe Sundin goes to Montreal for Roy? Makes more sense in this scenario. But Montreal's hand was forced, so maybe we see the same deal (Rucinsky/Kovalenko/and probably Fiset for Roy/Keane).

Down the road, they then would have matched Sakic's offer sheet and traded Sundin for some defense/depth in '97. The Clark trade probably doesn't happen because of the desperate need for D, but Clark-Lindros-Nolan would have done serious damage.

If Lindros plays in the West in the 90's, would he have had concussion problems like he did? I don't think so. Especially with Nolan riding shotgun.

No Ricci from the Flyer trade, means they don't get Tanguay. No Krupp either.


(Dman from Sundin trade)


Not a bad team, but Detroit wins the Cup 96, 97-over the Rangers instead of the Flyers? (or does a Forsberg-led Flyers win the Cup?), and 98 unless the Avs add something via UFA (which they don't, cuz they had cash problems).


Another intriguing idea, maybe the Avs trade Lindros like the Nords did, for a big return, and hang onto Sundin. If so, most likely in 1997 with Joe Thornton coming the other way in a package. Because:

"In Behind The Moves, Neil Smith said “When we lost Messier [to Vancouver as a free agent], [my boss] Dave [Checketts] comes in and says to me, ‘We should do an offer sheet on Joe Sakic.’… He said, ‘I’m on the board of governors and the Nuggets and Avalanche are broke and [their parent company CEO] Charlie [Lyons] says they are out of money. We’ll front-load [the offer] and they can’t match because they can’t come up with the cash.’"

But hindsight has shown they did get the cash together.


Or, they hang onto Lindros, Sundin and Nolan and take the five picks from the Rangers and get Roy (or Belfour) UFA. That puts them in position to contend earliest by 2000. If they have Roy, they still get Bourque.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt with the Ranger first rounders, that means they could have gotten Morrow, and they could have taken Tanguay anyway (just a bit higher):


Bourque (no idea how they get probably takes Morrow and picks)


(97-Morrow; 98-Tanguay; 99-bust; 00-bust; 01-Dan Blackburn, goalie) = Sakic picks

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