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10-27-2012, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by blasted_Sabre View Post
Branch was on the radio today and explained the situation. He wont meet with them until they answer some basic questions. According to him they havent even demonstrated they are a legitimate organization. Overall he makes them sound extremely bush league.
I absolutely believe Branch is sincere in his disdain that the venison would form a collective and ask for more than $35-$50 a week salary.

The union is seeking certification but quite frankly if they decide to strike what would anyone do? There are so many wrongs here possibly including child labour issues. It's about time this was dealt with.

The next generation of hockey players will be union-wise. Thank the current owners historical attitude towards the cattle.

This is real a blast from the past. Who'd have thought our societies would be fighting child labour and other labour issues in the 21st century? Wasn't enough blood spilled to gain these rights? hockey is a gruelling 24-7 job with many possibilities for physical and mental injury. It's not a Mc Donalds' job.

You do not want to go to Canada's supreme court on this issue.

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