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10-27-2012, 06:37 AM
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Both sides actually moved from their 57% positions, the players from the 57% they now get and the owners the 57% they wanted to get, this was good. Unfortunately we now seem to have hit a stalemate. The owners want the 50 % now, right now. The players want the 50% to happen due to increasing revenues and will not, not agree to a salary rollback. Remember unions are all about keeping the pay as high as they can, even if it means job losses. This is probably because way back when people worked like dogs and still didnt make enough to live reasonably. The NHL players can live more than reasonably but the union philosophy still applies, thats why the rollback last strike was an amazing concession. Anyway, this time round it seems the NHLPA will not agree to any cut back.
Too bad all around, a resolution seems to be had, NHL agrees to a gradual but quick move to 50%, say by players taking a 4%-6% rollback right now and of course the NHLPA agrees to that rollback. I dont think the NHLPA will do it, even though it means these boys are going to lose a huge part of their paycheque over a year, as opposed to a few % points. Financially ( yeah I know they are playing in europe ), the players are looking at taking a much bigger hit by staying out, but I guess Fehr has them singing ..solidarity forever... . My guess is the first likely to blink will be the owners because for them its about the money while I think the players are being financially reckless, but principled. You know, if you fear death, dont get into a fight with someone who doesnt.

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