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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Over/under on lockout threads is set at 5. Place your bets!
10000000 to 1. I am, of course, offering the 1... Lol.

The whole lockout is idiotic, but it has one benefit for me: I am now in two basketball pools and am learning a lot more about the NBA than I ever knew before. The risk for the NHL is that people like me find a way to replace hockey for the short term, but get hooked for the long term. Right now, as far as sports go, I am a Hockey and NFL guy. I split my money between those two sports for my kids and I (tickets, shirts, memorabilia, etc...). As the lockout continues, I have started to watch NBA preseason games. I should have been more into Basketball in the past (especially since I coach it!), but the Habs and Cowboys kept all of my sports attention. With this lockout, if it goes too long, I will probably have a third sport to spend what little entertainment money I have to support. I have always loved the Celtics (thanks, Dad!), but have only been a casual NBA fan. Now? Well, joining a fantasy league will get me far more involved in watching and learning about the NBA and I think it will take a portion of my time away from hockey. Sorry, NHL, but you will lose revenue from at least one little teacher if this lockout continues too long.

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You say you work as hard as Sidney Crosby, but if Crosby showed up at the gym and his trainer told him to he was doing everything well when he wasn't, or his trainer was drunk, Crosby would fire his trainer.
You might want to edit that post of yours since I would be Crosby in that analogy and you would be the trainer deserving of being fired... Keep in mind, your post was a reply to mine about when I was a student at a University, and the drunk professor was not someone I could fire...although we agree he should have been fired. LOL!!

originally posted by bsl

Molson had better lobby hard for a repeat of last years draft positions then. I would if I was him.

There is no reason to revert to a general draft with multiple playoff missing teams the winners. It's stupid.

But to add to the insult of missing a season when the Habs can afford to play and pay, The NHL will **** this up too and Habs will get screwed.
I truly hope that, if the season is lost but we come back with the same teams and players with a new CBA, then the draft positions should not be changed too drastically. Of course, the problem with that is how hard it is to determine which teams would have truly improved and which would not. I would love for the Habs to get another top 3 pick to build with, but I honestly think the Habs would make the playoffs this season (barring injuries to multiple key personnel, again!). So, how is the NHL supposed to make a fair determination about draft positions? Is it really fair to give the Oilers ANOTHER 1st overall pick? I don't know, it seems hard to justify.

I think the NHL would have to go to a lottery system, again. Although they should ensure that teams can not drop or raise 3-5 positions more than where they were last year if they do that system.

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