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10-27-2012, 08:17 AM
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I feel both sides have a lot of blame to shoulder. the player by hiring Fehr. That alone left a bad taste in my mouth and showed what the players were thinking of strategy. Fehr=lost games in any sport. And the players not really wanting to put offers out there and trying to get the NHL to do all the work in that realm. All on the players and Fehr.

I am also sick of hearing 'the players gave up a lot last time' BS. So what? The league and economic climate is much different now than then, the 90's, etc. They saw the other 2 major leagues go 50/50 and HAD to know that is what is going to be happening. I don't think there is much sympathy from people the way things are out there economically now. And there are other leagues around the world that, quite frankly, should open their eyes up to how much salary they would see if there is no NHL. I guess, in the end, I hold the players >50% responsible.

I am enjoying watching football (soccer) where there is no union, they make good money and don't usually *****, and I find it entertaining. If there s no NHL I will be disappointed but there are many more options for entertainment. It is their loss....not mine.

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