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10-27-2012, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Riche16 View Post
The simple answer for your first question is: because the owners want it that way. Since they own everything, they are entitled to ask for things... Especially when it comes to how much is spent and how much is made.

As far as the players and the rev sharing... I completely agree that they seem to want more rev sharing for small market teams. The problem as the casual fan sees it, is that they're not banging the drum on that point. They're crying foul on not getting the money they're owed in their pockets. The sticking point is how much they are losing... Not what's being done to help the small market clubs. If, say, the players turned around and said "We will take 50/50 as long as rev sharing was brought up to 260$" or something similar, more fans would back them in all of this. As it stands they come off as interested solely in "whats in it for them"... or worse, spoiled brats, especially those in Russia who's names rhyme with Momechkin.
So "because I want that way" is an acceptable answer for the players' money, but they better fight more for some owners that actually get in Bettman's ear, they actually get a vote.

If the talks, either here or at the table, get to "because I want it that way" then they have run their course. Not bitter, but the principle is greater than the deal. One concession is one too many for the PA

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