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10-27-2012, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Some Other Flame View Post
But the much bigger question here is, are the posters here actually that naive to think that the main reason NHL players (and by extension, all sports athletes) do what they do is because of some mystical concept of 'love of the game' rather then the obvious, which is to make money from their skills and abilities which are highly valued in society.
I'll never understand why we hold athletes to this standard.

I make more money than I need (obviously not millions, but still - I ain't poor) in my career as a data analyst. Should I be ashamed of myself because I don't have a love for data and bureaucracy? 'Course not.

Originally Posted by CanadienKid25 View Post
Now if you ask any NHLer they will say money is secondary. If this were true, I don't think we would be this far into a lockout.
I could take a 20% pay cut tomorrow and still pay all my bills, live in a decent place, and have nice things. Does that mean that I should just go ahead and let my employer have more money just because I don't "need" all of the money I'm making, even if I did have a love for data analysis? 'Course not.

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