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Originally Posted by marcel snapshot View Post
Leopold and Jacobs negotiate ludicrously irresponsible contracts over the summer, and then lock the players out so they can undo the damage of their stupidity, and people hate on Krys Barch?

Meanwhile, Bettman acts like a banana republic dictator (though that's probably unkind to banana republic dictators), saying that every dollar we once promised to pay you is now worth $0.76 cents (upped now to $0.88). Is there anything more contrary to the straight-shooting, no BS, look-you-in-the-eye culture of hockey than shaking hands on a deal and weeks later saying each dollar we promised is now worth around $0.80. Talk about a weasel. If the league's bargaining posture were a player, he would definitely be Alex Burrows or Brad Marchand.

And I don't agree that this sort of unilateral contract devaluation is OK because of escrow -- that's a true-up mechanism to adjust salary within mutually agreed upon revenue parameters. Bettman, Jacobs and Leopold want to unilaterally devalue the currency of the contracts they agreed to even though their own absurd offers recognized that (absent a self-imposed wound of a lockout by the owners) league revenues would continue to grow.
Depends on the contract the player signed with the team. If the contract stated that the monetary value of the contract was based off the CBA HRR split, they have no soap box to cry off of.
If the players didn't know that. They should read the deals they are signing or get a better agent.

The players knew a battle was upcoming over the new CBA, hence the hiring of retired Fehr to get as much as he could for the PA.
They had to know the CBA would go down. The players didn't have to sign those mega deals before the CBA expired. The GM's didn't put a gun to Suter's and Parise's head and force them to sign those deals.

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