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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
There is a huge amount of money to be made by the CHLPA organizers, if it comes to be. In reading the proposed union documents, there are a lot of administrative type roles - all with their hands out.

Based on those attendance figures, over 66,000 fans attended each OHL game in 2010-2011. Based on 34 regular season games, that's 2,256,000 in the regular season. The CHLPA is proposing a surcharge of $1.50 per ticket, generating over $3.3 million per year, for the OHL alone.

For that kind of money, I'll take responsibility to pay education costs for graduating players who don't go on to play full-time professionally, and who want to attend post-secondary school.
Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
So... Ron Pink is involved. Watch your back, BGL

From Mirtle:
Exactly so, Ron Pink-who applied for the job that Paul Kelly got and then was put on the board by his fellow weasels and participated in the coup to toss Kelly.

When the players woke up and realized how they had been used, he got the boot along with Ian Penney, Buzz Hargrove etc.
Pink is now off the money train at the NHLPA so needs a new revenue flow.

Georges Larocque is just a figure head and the other players are just for the display window.

Here is an excellent article on how the Kelly coup went down and Pinks role:

Sources also told that Halifax labor lawyer Ron Pink, who ended up on the NHLPA's advisory board after he was a candidate for Kelly's job, was also involved in the move to depose Kelly. Pink initially did not return messages from; then, when reached early Monday morning on his cell phone, he said he was on the other line and promised to return the call. He did not.

• Multiple sources told us the NHLPA's rank and file, and at least some team representatives, were not informed of Pink's interest in the Kelly job when he was presented to them as a candidate for the advisory board.

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