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10-27-2012, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
I love how Fehr reduces the salary cap argument to Toronto revenues versus Pheonix revenues. Way to frame reality. Most teams are writing cheques with red ink, you liar.
I thought it was the one point in the article worth responding to. Of course the cap doesn't solve the league's revenue disparity problems. But (1) I don't expect Toronto's revenue to continue expanding disproportionately to Phoenix's forever, so if this pulls Phoenix up enough to be solvent on a larger share of RS, major win; (2) what has the union proposed that would fix the problem more efficiently than a pay cut? Nothing, really. They proposed a small bump in RS, which the league mostly adopted in its last proposal. Great.

If Donald Fehr is basically insinuating that Phoenix needs to be moved, then he can suck an egg, not because it doesn't, but because the last people to be making that decision is the goddamned PA. This is not the forum for making that call.

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