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10-27-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by TCsmyth View Post
It is what it is...businesses that I have worked for have done the same thing forever. IBM has made money forever. The years they do not make as much as they want - they go on a cost cutting rampage (including jobs). What part of this do the players not understand????. . . . Sorry, but that is life in business, and this is a business.
That's a very succinct encapsulation of the owners' position. And I think the dynamic you describe above is precisely why most fans sympathized with the owners in 04-05. And I also think that's why most people would be OK with a ceiling on contract length, a narrowing of arbitration rights and a graduated reduction to 50-50.

But the owners stance this time around is basically, yeah revenue grew 50%, the game has never been more popular but we're still too stupid to restrain ourselves from overpaying for certain assets, a lot of us are incompetent managers, and a few of us are stuck in terrible markets because Bettman has no intuitive feel for the game and therefore has little sense of what separates a good hockey market from a bad one. So our solution is for the players to cough up a lot of money to fix all these problems.

And when the players (who are willing to take a smaller share of HRR going forward, and probably willing to deal on contract length and arbitration) say to the owners "And what are you giving up to help address these problems," the answer is "nothing, other than a token hike in revenue sharing. But we don't have to give up anything because we take all the financial risk."

The players response is (i) it's the business you have chosen (and the framework you asked for) and (ii) in fact, what you seem to be doing every 6-7 years is off-loading the accumulated costs associated with that risk onto us -- and guess what, we're not going to keep agreeing to that; you guys have to take on some of the burden of solving your internal issues. If the league came up with a proposal that was something other than let's get the players to solve all of our problems for us, you'd have a deal here pretty quickly

Originally Posted by TCsmyth View Post
Get the beast deal you can
Nice Freudian slip -- I think it's precisely because the league is going for a "beast" of a deal (instead of just a good deal) that we're at an impasse. Anyway, I appreciate the effective and level-headed way you presented the owners' side here.

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