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10-27-2012, 10:07 AM
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I do not blame Wang one bit for the move. That doesnt mean I like it. I think the islanders could have been viable in Nassau given a new arena...but the politicians never let it happen. I, for one, am going to vote every single incumbent out of office.

Oh, and i think Islanders fans should ready the reality that they WILL change color and logo and maybe name at some point within 5 years of the move. First of all, with the team in Brooklyn, if they want to get locals to go, who DONT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS "ISLANDERS"...they will have to change the name.

They most certainly will change the logo to incorporate brooklyn and queens at minimum...and you'll see a "third" jersey that adopts brooklyn VERY quickly...that will eventually become the first jersey.

It is naive to think otherwise. The move to Brooklyn saved the islanders....but also killed the islanders.

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