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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
My thoughts is that NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY NEGATIVELY ABOUT BEAULIEU, the guy is a NHL talent and will end up playing there. Nobody knows how it will turn out but he is clearly a talent. Some NHL players ended up playing in this league and were a supposed reliability defensively. If those players can, surely a guy with Beaulieu's skating and offensive awareness will as well. What he needs to work on the most, I think, is to not let his talent alone do the talking. The rest is great and we have an awesome prospect on our hands.

Was great to see Gallagher do his thing as we expected him to be. What he needs to be careful with is not to be a Gilbert Brule. Meaning, some smaller players can adapt their physical game as they progresses, but some ones who don't, just keep being injured and it affects their career. Brule thought he'd be able to pinball machine his way in this league...and he wasn't. Gallagher should never change his game....but he will/should learn to fight the right battles.

2 guys that will need to be more assertive are Quailer and Holland. Nobody will say that Holland is just not a very good cerebral player. He is very good at that. Awesome vision. But while he'll never be a physical player, he still needs to at least be assertive in retrieving the puck and be more "firm" at keeping it. Holland is great technically in those departments as he often outwit the opponent. But when it comes to nitty gritty....he'll need to be less shy. But it should come with time. As far as Quailer is concerned, I still have no idea why he was targeted as an already top 6 player. Don't see it....yet. For me, that's clearly the type of guy who still haven't found his style yet. But his size and how he protects the puck makes him a fine bottom 6 AHL'er for now. But doesn't show the ability to be top 6 EVEN with a limited squad as we have. Maybe once he gets back into form, Naatinen will push Quailer down the lineup. Same with Leblanc who will need to get things going. No need to say that if Kristo would be here.....anyway.

I think that what the Habs/Dogs brass failed this summer is adressing their vet situation offensivelu. Makes no sense to end up with Hagel, Stortini in a 4th liner, a Stortini who doesn't seem that eager to play that role anymore. Boyce isn't impressing me one bit, if he is on a 25-game test, he will fail it if it continues the same. But we should have done a better job offensively, and even as the grinders we got.

Palushaj is my Michigan boy. But I'm really disspointed so far. Not a lot of imagination, not even using his speed properly. About to change address if it's still possible in due time. Others might be fine AHL players like Geoffrion and Blunden but that's clearly it. AHL players. Dumont is intriguing, you would think he has a lot of things to make him a NHL'er even in a 4th line. Will see how his season develops. But at one point, they will need to play Avtsin. If not, send him back to Russia and see how he develops over there.

I liked the D. Thought everybody looked better. Still a big session of first step quickness for everybody but that's the guys we have with no idea of how they could still improve in that department. Pateryn might develop it or become a more physical Jon Gleed. Contrary to some, I see Corbin and think there's something to work on here. Ellis is a favorite of mine so no need to elaborate. Great to see Tinordi not being afraid already to pinch once in a while. Which might be strange for some 'cause while he does have his bad moments, he seems more at ease already than he was in his first junior season. Defensively, he will need to be faster. I have no problem sitting Nash, out of everybody we saw yesterday, I feel he's the one who doesn't have a future with us. Yet, I hope Lefebvre does make some regular adjustments back there so that eveyrone plays. And then you know the injuries will start and everybody will have their chance.
Great read!

Agree on most part at the exception of Nash. I think he should be in the top 6 right now over Corbin or Pateryn. Ellis deserve to be on that second pairing with Beaulieu and give Tinordi a guy like St-Denis to mentor him. With Desjardin back the Dogs will be alot better defensively. But i still hate our offense with no good veteran to help the kids.....Stortini and Hagel suck big time and Boyce is useless.....Geoffrion and Palushaj will need to play way better because so far they look like 3rd liner in the AHL.....

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