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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
nope. I may live in montreal, and have spent most of my life in ottawa, but i spend more than enough time in southern ontario to know that yours an my definitions of 'a ton' are very, very different.

if hamilton doesnt get the next NHL team, dont blame it on the NHL. Blame it on the city of hamilton and the government of ontario for not getting their **** together. The copps upgrade needs to be approved and implemented now in order for the city to have a chance. In addition, the infrastructure upgrades needed (both public transit and HWY) also have to be at the minimum planned, if not started.

hamilton is a city with NHL potential. But it's not ready and doesnt appear to have any inclination to remedy that, and the NHL isnt looking at is until that happens.
Yeah: Hamilton's in line for a team in 92; they have an NHL ready arena, an owner, and are sold-out for their first season, but the league chooses Ottawa (a city with an arena that seats 7,000 less people, and is nowhere near downtown). I like that Hamilton has to "get their **** together" if they want a team, though.

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