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Originally Posted by marcel snapshot View Post
But the owners stance this time around is basically, yeah revenue grew 50%, the game has never been more popular but we're still too stupid to restrain ourselves from overpaying for certain assets, a lot of us are incompetent managers, and a few of us are stuck in terrible markets because Bettman has no intuitive feel for the game and therefore has little sense of what separates a good hockey market from a bad one. So our solution is for the players to cough up a lot of money to fix all these problems.

And when the players (who are willing to take a smaller share of HRR going forward, and probably willing to deal on contract length and arbitration) say to the owners "And what are you giving up to help address these problems," the answer is "nothing, other than a token hike in revenue sharing. But we don't have to give up anything because we take all the financial risk."
you sir win the chicken dinner!

What other business is different? Except that these employees have an even shorter window of a career vs. a steel worker or miner. Why do the players not see that the owners need these things to protect themselves from each other?

Yes sir Mr. owner, we see you like the cap. We see you want to pay less (by the way, we believe you are serious). We will take less, happy to work within your suggested framework, here is what we propose. By the way, we really like the travel, benefits, per diems, signing bonuses, training staff and facilities...lets make sure whatever we do we keep these things - and maybe make them a little better.

Let's both go out and keep growing the **** out of this game, so that dummies like TCsmyth and his pals keeps paying big bucks now and into the future to follow!

Sorry guys, I am getting way too simplistic with my crap, but having fun doing it

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