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10-27-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
Doughty is every bit as talented offensively as Karlsson or any other young defenseman in the league. Look at what the Kings did to Jack Johnson, and that's all you need to know about how much the team inhibits creative, risk taking offensive play from the blueline.

Difference between Doughty and Karlsson is that Doughty has adapted the very same raw offensive skills and transitioned them into defensive play, as well. I don't understand what's wrong with asking your young, offensively talented defenseman to play some D. It won the Kings a Cup. What has "letting your players off their leashes" done for Ottawa?

And so what, Karlsson has more regular season points? Really? Have you seen Doughty's points-per-game in the postseason? Please tell me more about Karlsson's extensive playoff success. willywonka.jpg

People make way too much about piles of regular season points. If that's what mattered, Joe Thornton would be the best player in the league. What matters in this sport is what you do in May and June. That's it. Blame it on the team around them, the lack of proper coaching/management/linemates/insert excuse. Whatever you claim, neither Karlsson or Pietro have the success that Doughty does. Doughty has an enormous amount of success at the highest levels of the game. That didn't happen on accident.
Ya ok...So Karlsson scored 42 more points then Doughty....he is not as good offensively as Karlsson. Come on already.

Karlsson has 7 points in 13 playoff games...not bad.

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