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10-27-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Burgs View Post
It makes sense in so far as our Euro scouting isn't good, and hasn't been good since the early 90s. When you are seemingly incapable of recognizing those talents it's not a bad strategy to draft according to your scouting strengths and trade for balance later.
But Kucherov hasn't really blown up since his draft, has he? I mean, he was well-known enough going into the summer of 2011, and I don't think he's shown anything unexpected since.

Yes, I see that point. But if we keep doing this we will be wasting the prime of our two superstar centers, forcing them to play with a revolving door of meh wingers while developing our D prospects. It took the Pens seven years each to turn Whitney and Goligoski into proven 6 NHL wingers. Do you want Shero to wait another 5 seasons before he gets Sid and Geno more help? We have enough trade chips on D that IMO we can risk trading some for high skill wing prospects at least once or twice. Kucherov could make the NHL pretty fast riding shotgun with Geno.
But the prime of our two superstar centers has been most recently compromised by horrendous defense, not scoring. Crosby was scoring at an unprecedented pace with Dupuis and Kunitz and Malkin just finished wrapping up his best season ever. And then our blueline played like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, and we earned a first-round playoff exit.

I'd like some more skill on the wings too, but I don't think we should be dealing from our blueline pool considering how much our big-league defense needs to retool. I'd much rather trade one of our veteran defensemen for a proven young scorer at a low ebb a la Stewart or Setoguchi.

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