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10-27-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by DyerMaker66 View Post
Yeah: I like that Hamilton has to "get their **** together" if they want a team, though.
Ya, works for me too. NOT!... as for public transit to & from Copps, it exists, its decent enough, easily increased on game & event dates but so what? Guaranteed 90% of the STH's will drive & park, these concerns over public transit rendered absolutely moot, a waste of brain cell's to even think about it much less debate the issue. This isnt the ACC or MSG, Hamilton sure aint no Toronto or New York City. Look at the MTS in Winnipeg. Sold out in about 15 minutes with a waiting list. An audience of combined Urban, Suburban & Rural subscribers.

Exact same thing will happen in Hamilton only on top of the cost of the ST's you'll be looking at a Seat Licence Fee, people only too happy to pay it, the very notion of then taking a Bus or a Train to games not even on the radar. Wouldnt even think about it. I mean honestly, what are some people thinking here? That a Hamilton franchise will be catering to students from Mac who'll be getting in for twenty bucks & bus fare? Give your heads a shake. Does Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver charge a Seat Licence Fee? Not on your Nelly. Just another bogus argument put forth by people who for 27yrs have bought hook line & sinker the NHL's utter nonsense & unmitigated BS that Hamilton's just riddled with all kinds of problems & obstacles to ever becoming feasible. Right out of the Box your talking a Top Tier revenue making machine. Blow the doors right off the MTS, Scotiabank etc.

Originally Posted by rojac View Post
If I was an NHL owner, Hamilton would be completely off the list of possible relocation or expansion cities after the role of the city in the Rodier/Balsillie "buy a team out of bankruptcy and bypass the NHL rules" scheme.
... thank God your not an NHL owner then rojac. While I too was less than impressed with Balsillie & Rodiers' strategies in attempting to end-run the NHL's rules, get in on the "cheap", usurping its rights of self determination & who gets in, who doesnt, to hold the city & its citizenry/fans up as being complicit & culpable is both vindictive & shortsighted. Lets just throw the baby out with the bathwater shall we?

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