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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Without the talent that the players bring to the table, there would be no league.

Yes, the Owners provide the venue in which a player gets to display his talent. Fans come to those venue's to see that player....not the owner or the venue.

I could give a rats rear end what the building looks like as long as the team is good.

As for a fair deal?

An eight year deal with a 50/50 split for 6 years reached after a 2 year step down process. Year 1 55% to the players, Year 2 52.5% to the players, Years 3-8 50/50.

Limit the amount of Bonus Money available to kids on ELC's.

Continue to allow for long term contracts with a provision that no contract signed before the age of 30 can take a player beyond his 35th birthday. No contract year can start where a player turns 35 in season.

Do not allow for throw away years. Contract must pay out equal sums through the term.

Tweak the Arb System. As stated in previous posts, the idea of the Arb. System makes sense, but is problematic when on one party has walk away rights and the other doesn't. It's problematic when 99% of the time, one side benefits more than the other. Either the teams have to do a better job of arguing their case, or specific provisions need to be put into place to make winning the case more difficult.

Keep UFA age at 27 years old. The balance I would propose here is eliminate the time of service portion of the current equation. Straight forward 27 years old you are a UFA. in the league at 18? UFA at 27.
Why would the NHLPA ever accept that? Poor players. You can't just take advantage of them with pro owner offers like that. The players will and should demand much,much more. Quit stiff arming them!

You're offer doesn't give the players enough concessions for all the negatives they're taking.

Won't somebody please think of the players!

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