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Originally Posted by burf View Post
I like that Karlsson is leading in both first place votes and third place votes. Apparently you either love him or hate him, and there isn't much middle ground
It's those that buy the bullcrap and those that don't.

You don't really see many people that watch him regularly, and I'm talking North Eastern teams (particularly Habs and Leafs fans), that don't praise him.

It was the same in Norris voting, won the Norris, but also left off the most ballots of the 3 nominees.

The people that are exposed to him understand what he brings to the table. Those that don't think he's Mike Green. And if they cheer for a team with a young Dman they want to believe is better, he'll get trashed even harder. It was comical how good he was last year. You just can't say that about Pietrangelo or Doughty. Sure, you can sit there and say his points won't stay that high, and I doubt they will every year, but he'll probably learn how to manage the puck and control the game even more so than he does now regardless of the numbers. That's his biggest strength; having the game on his stick more than anyone else seems to. Don't care where the points are exactly because we know they are gonna be high, but he's probably gonna get better as a player in general as will the other two. But the other two aren't gonna be able to do what he can offensively on any given touch...although Doughty comes close.

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