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10-27-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Violent By Design View Post
Kucherov just came to NA to play in the Q for the Remparts, just played his first game on Thursday (and scored a pretty goal). That definitely raises his stock a fair amount.
I don't think scoring a pretty goal in one game has any impact on his value whatsoever.

The fact that he came over to play junior is at least encouraging, if not terribly value-affecting. The biggest challenge isn't getting Russians to come over while they're junior-eligible, it's getting them to stay over when they're too old for junior but don't immediately crack an NHL squad.

Originally Posted by Burgs View Post
He's done about what one could expect of him. But I was wrong about the ELC thing - he signed with Tampa last month and will be playing in the Q this season. But uf you're saying Harrington, by comparison, has raised his stock, I would agree. It's still a deal that would make sense for both sides.
That's what I'm saying. This doesn't really qualify as "trading for balance later" to me.

I can't see any new developments that would make the Pens change their minds and prefer Kucherov to Harrington now when they had the opportunity to draft him in 2011.

I think last year was more of an aberration because the entire team suffered a mental breakdown and was on a big cold streak (that already started in the final week of regular season). Our D was and is usually better than that. We lost in 7 games to the Habs because we couldn't solve Halak and couldn't stop Camalleri, so both O and D were at fault. We lost in 7 games to Tampa because without Sid and Geno we had nothing on offense, never scored more than 3 goals a game, and lost the final game 0-1. Another good winger could've made a difference.
That's true, it hasn't always been defense...but we have traded for a 1st Team All-Star winger since then.

But if our veteran defenders are so bad how would we pull that off? I'd love to trade Martin for Setoguchi. But right now that isn't on the table. But if Harrington for Kucherov was, I'd do it. It would be a high risk/high reward trade, sure. But if anyone can afford this it's us.
Nothing on the table now.

I guess I think our veterans (Martin, Orpik) still carry enough cachet around the league to be centerpieces in a deal like that. I'm not completely opposed to dealing one or two of our defense prospects for the right wing, but I think there are too many questions regarding Kucherov (unproven, non blue-chip prospect, Russian, top 6 or bust), and Harrington is too pro-projectable and fits our needs too perfectly to sign off on a deal like this.

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