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10-27-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Sined View Post
100% agree. BUT, 8GB only means one thing and one thing only. They are aiming for a floor buster price.

I'd predict something like $350, maybe even $300 no contract for the 8GB version.

Note II? Really? But I thought you wanted build quality...
That's Samsung Achilles heel IMO.
I generally hate Samsung's build quality. This is true. It's actually been that way since I had my first Samsung phone when I was like 14. Although I would never buy anything BUT a Samsung LCD or LED TV (for plasma, the only answer is Panasonic).

But I was able to hold the phone the other day and it was pretty damn nice. If the HTC phablet comes out on Sprint, I may spring for that instead. Has there been any new news on the One X 5 or Nexus 5 or whatever the hell they think it will be called? I saw a bunch of stuff in September and then radio silence.

Originally Posted by Supermullet View Post
So you took the plunge on the 5, hey?

Anything glaringly wrong with it, or it just the dull familiarity of the platform?

I'm still mulling over the same dilemma. With a careful eye on the new 1080p phones hitting next year.

1080p + removable battery + micro SD + quad core + 2gb RAM = perfect phone.
The iPhone 5 is a nice phone. I don't hate anything about it. It's light as **** and the build quality is insanely stout. Except for the fact that it scratches badly on the body. The anodizing is so ****ing poor that it can scratch just being in your pocket.

Other than that, the phone is amazing. Maps is actually pretty damn good. I used it the other day and the traffic re-routing is far better than even stand-alone GPS units. I was really impressed by that. I am starting to use Maps more than my $40 Navigon app.

So yeah. It's a hell of a phone. The only thing I would consider trading it in for is one of the phablets.

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