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Originally Posted by whitetape View Post
I have never met the man, and I have no doubt he was cordial and charming in his interaction with you.
I admit I may have been a bit harsh in my comments about him. But it's easy to trash somebody you have never met. Maybe that's why KPD seems so comfortable trashing hockey players.
OK, OK. Cheap shot. Still, I do deeply regret that the Globe's chief hockey writer position is occupied by a man who rarely seems to do any orginal reporting, enjoys taking cheap shots at individual players -- people even the least of whom are performing at a much higher level in their profession than he is at his -- and in general does not seem to love the game as much as we fans do.

Your opinion is just as valid as mine. But because you seem like a thoughtful, reasonable person, I will read it, weigh it and consider it. Even if I don't completely agree, even after I have run it through that process.

One or two others here are not being reasonable, and in fact, are not fair, reasonable people.

We have witnessed their work; which by the way, they guard with the bulletproof invincibility of a computer keyboard warrior.

It's too easy. It's thick. It's rich.

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