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10-27-2012, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Richie10 View Post
Doughty is every bit as talented offensively as Karlsson....
I really don't know if this is overrating Doughty or underrating Karlsson. You could give a handful of arguments to why Doughty is better than Karlsson. However, this line is just plain stupid. Doughty isn't on Karlsson's level offensively and Karlsson is more talented in that regard.

Difference between Doughty and Karlsson is that Doughty has adapted the very same raw offensive skills and transitioned them into defensive play, as well. I don't understand what's wrong with asking your young, offensively talented defenseman to play some D. It won the Kings a Cup. What has "letting your players off their leashes" done for Ottawa?
Please. This post is becoming a joke. There's nothing wrong with it. If you actually watched Karlsson play last year, you'd realize there was very few times he actually ditched defense to play offense. He got most of his points through his vision and IQ. Karlsson was fine defensively and put up the offense, too.

And your "it won the Kings a Cup" statement would be relevant if hockey wasn't played by a team. Your statement implies that Doughty single-handily won the Kings a Cup. Did he? Of course not. It's a team effort.

You can't even compare the Kings situation to the Sens situation. Before the season started the Kings were predicted by a lot of people to go the distance and win the Cup. Before the season started the Sens were predicted to get a lottery pick.

And so what, Karlsson has more regular season points? Really? Have you seen Doughty's points-per-game in the postseason? Please tell me more about Karlsson's extensive playoff success. willywonka.jpg
Yep, a 32 game sample size! That certainly taught me!

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