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10-27-2012, 02:00 PM
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Would specific hockey fighting training be a good idea at all?

Fighting in hockey has differences compared to boxing or street-fighting. There are no boxing gloves, but there are unwritten rules most follow and lines that (usually) aren't crossed.

And sometimes I've read of players who in their youth or during the off-season take boxing training or the like, which I'm sure can help, but again, isn't exactly like what would actually be encountered in a real hockey fight.

If someone who actually knew how to "do it right" (probably an ex-player?) opened up a school to teach it, do you think it would get any business? What public/media backlash do you think would occur, if any?

It seems to me that with no NHL games being played anyways, that even some players who are non-fighters would do well to learn how to defend themselves (insert THAT Sedin clip here)....

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