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10-27-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Still All In View Post
Dumb, if you're going to compare them, compare them. Lets just pretend Gusev isn't a PPG player in russian juniors, or had a ridiculous showing in the last WJC, or put up 76 points in 34 games in russian juniors last season, etc etc. If Gusev were "Smith" and played in the CHL most of the idiots on here would be falling all over him and he'd have been a low first/high second round pick, just like Kucherov.
We don't need to pretend. All of this was well-known in June, and Gusev still went in the 7th round.

Because he's skilled, but very much a boom-or-bust type. And because he had already been passed over completely in one draft.

Harrington in the grand scheme of things isn't a good enough skater to survive in Tampas system, but his passing ability is pretty good. Lets not get too excited folks.
Not only is Harrington mobile (based on scouting reports and multiple first-hand viewings of the WJCs and Knights), but Pittsburgh's entire philosophy is predicated on quick puck retrieval and transition (for better or worse). If the Pittsburgh staff identified him as a guy who could execute Penguins hockey, then his skating can make it anywhere.

But I'm sure Boucher's 1-3-1 would require way too much of him :

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