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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
Even Bettman admitted that the optics over the course of the last few weeks leading up to the lockout weren't the best.

Then you get the guys who led that pack sitting on the negotiation committee. I think the players are right to call out their fellow hypocrites.

The saving grace for them may be that they didn't know the details of what was coming, and where the owners will hold the line.

Not only did he admit it, but he was apparently furious about it.

He warned teams that overspent that they might feel the heat from the new CBA (1 way contracts buried in the AHL counting against the cap for example, evening out cap hits and pay outs as another).

He has also said that he could not instruct owners and GM's to show restraint, in fact he instructed them to act as if it was "business as usual" because anything different would have been collusion. This was a classic catch 22 situation... The players negotiated huge bonuses knowing full well that there may be a stoppage. Pocketing 10 million of Leopold's money without playing a game and then turning around and talking smack is rich.

I would go so far as to say that Bettman and Daly are probably the only two people in the system that truly are advocating for an overall healthy league. The owners want it secondary to the health of their own franchises, and the players are doing the union thing of advocating solely for the most money they can get (not an indictment, it's what unions do).

It has been pretty clear that the only issue that the NHL will not bend on is linkage. In the end, if the NHLPA were to start offering linked proposals the lockout would end. Until then, everything else is smoke and mirrors. To those with a clear head Fehr is going after the cap, starting with delinkage, it's more than obvious, which is why the NHLPA has never submitted an offer with soft landing percentages with a link to revenues. Even PA apologists think that would solve the issue, as do I, the fact is, it has never been proposed. Why? Because Fehr is fighting linkage behind a screen of the rest of all of this blather.

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