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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
The owners' end game is:

*48-50% share of HRR, preferably with some things redefined
*Term limits to contracts
*End to cap massaging techniques above and beyond the term limits (variance of contract value year to year)
*End to burying contracts in other leagues (cap circumvention)
*Count any NHL team contract against the cap no matter where the player is playing
*Change in UFA age, redo of ELC to squeeze in more salary restraints
*Some increase in RS if the big teams get to keep even more money

This was telegraphed by Bettman for a couple of years now, and there are team exec quotes that have passed on the target share, some from November of 2011.
I don't think the players would accept an 52% HRR, but it is much more reasonable than the owners current 43% probably. If the owners said 50/50 was the best they would do, are they going to start offering the players 49% and then 48%?

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