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10-27-2012, 02:52 PM
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Well based on an interview with Otto Sıkora from Pravda earlier this week:
- they´re going to call up mainly experienced players and they will build on the players from last years´ IHWC, even though some of the are out of form (they´re hoping it might help them)
- just 2 or 3 rookies, they will try out more new players later in December and February (one of the rookies is pretty much confirmed - Janus, I guess other candidates might be Šťastnı or Majdan. Sıkora also mentions Marcinko)
- no NHLers or Šatan
- no Staňa or Lašák either, so I guess that means asides from Janus we will have Hamerlík and Hudáček as goalies

Just two things about this: a) I really don´t like this part about calling up players just because they were in Helsinki 2012 and not based on their current achievements. Especially if you consider that while the silver was a team achievements, there still were individual players without whom they would never have achieved it and those won´t be playing at the DC (NHLers, Šatan, Laco etc.). I´m hoping that nomination based on solely on past achievements won´t become a regular thing.
b) Wouldn´t it make more sense to try out the rookies early in the season and to have the already more experienced team later on towards the IHWC? Okay, Slovan´s players won´t be available in December due to European Trophy, but while I do not know exactly which 10 Slovan players Sıkora and Vujtek consider potential NT candidates from the ones I can imagine around a half actually would be either NT rookies or young players.

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