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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
Desjardins is the only veteran this team has who's close to the NHL. St-Denis, too. However, St-Denis seems to still struggle in the AHL cause of his size and he doesn't quite have the hockey sense to always win (or quite frequently win) battle with his hockey smarts.
As someone that's seen most of St-Denis's games in the AHL, I'm a huge fan of his at the AHL level. I don't know what his NHL future holds but for the dogs he's been great. Personally I don't think he struggles at all in the AHL, despite being undersized, as he is very smart and great positionally. imo he was one of the top defensemen in the AHL last year.

Originally Posted by gifted88 View Post
The Bulldogs did look very sluggish in the 1st period.
I thought they looked less slugish then they did the previous game, so I was happy to see some improvement there since I thought they also looked slugish the game before that as well. Hate to see a slugish team as I find them very frustrating to watch so hopefully the Dogs continue to pick it up, as I'm sure having a new coach and so many rookies is going to leave for lots of shaky play over the next couple weeks/months.

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
It will be interesting to see what Hamilton looks like as a team near the end of the season when these rookies get some experience and settle down.
Very interesting, especially if they add any additional prospects (not that the team needs any more rookies) but out of the guys that need to be signed or already signed, Galchenyuk, Kristo, Walsh, Archambault plus any of the Euro's (Pribyl, Collberg, Nygen, Nystrom), perhaps one or two could end up joining the Dogs at the end of March/early April which would be fun to see depending on how their respective teams due in the playoffs assuming Sarnia, Volts, Dartmouth, etc.. fare.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
My thoughts is that NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY NEGATIVELY ABOUT BEAULIEU, the guy is a NHL talent and will end up playing there. Nobody knows how it will turn out but he is clearly a talent.

2 guys that will need to be more assertive are Quailer and Holland.

I think that what the Habs/Dogs brass failed this summer is adressing their vet situation offensivelu.
I think most people feel Beaulieu will be an NHLer at some point as he's got offensive skills to go with solid physical abilities. It will be interesting to see how it goes for him as the season progresses. I really wanted St-Denis to be his D partner, so i'm glad to see the two together even though they may need to change it around as I'm not sure I would keep together the Tinordi Pateryn pairing, although since both are solid guys in their own end and bring a physical presence, maybe if left together they will find their way. It's too bad they don't have a vet to play alongside each rookie but it will be interesting to see how that works out since you don't often see 5 of 6 defensemen as rookies. Of course it's a development league so you are going to see a fair share of rookies each year but not sure I ever recall seeing 5 of 6 regulars as rookies if that's the way it goes.

I don't think Holland can be more assertive as he looks very skinny, not sure he would be very effective at using his frame as I get the impression he's not very strong. I have been most impressed with him among the rookie forwards, nice set of hands and vision he's got. Quailer though I could see using his size a little more once he gets more comfortable out there, which i don't know how long that will take and I don't think he'll ever be the type that's known for using his size all that well as I find he uses smarts and good mobility over being physical. Will be interesting to see how things go for him as I always had trouble with ranking him as I'm not sure what to make of him. He's got the size, skating, mobility, foot speed, smarts and decent hands but I continue to have a hard time when a big body doesn't use his size well, I guess it just seems wrong even though it doesn't have to since i'd be happy if we got a decent top 9 forward that can chip in secondary scoring just you would think someone that big would take the body at least a little more often.

So far though i've actually be a little surprised with how he's looked, as I feel he's shown some good things so far, as I wasn't sure if the injury problems he's had would impact his transition. With so many rookies in Hamilton already and him missing so much time to injuries, I thought maybe he would be better off back in the NCAA but on the other hand, I don't get to see Northeastern on tv very often (of course they are on tv this weekend since he's not on the team) with the Dogs now I can watch just about every game he plays so it will be interesting to see his progression.

I got to admit, I thought for sure they were going to bring in another vet on D as I felt Nash was shaky in his own end during his rookie season. for reference, in Nash's rookie year if he was a rookie this year at the age he was in his rookie year, he'd still be the 2nd oldest D on the team as Nash will turn 26 at the end of the season so if he was 23 he'd be older then all of Pateryn/Tinordi/Beaulieu/Ellis/Corbin. When the signed Corbin I thought he would be ECHL bound with Stejskal, but I guess we'll see how it works out having all these rookie blueliners.

Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
For those who saw a lot of JT Wyman as a Bulldog, how does 23 year old Quailer compare with 23 year old Wyman (09-10)?
Wyman got in 8 games before his first full season in the AHL, and then he was forced to move from the wing to defense during his rookie season so it's hard to compare as I felt Wyman didn't look very good up front but actually played a solid game on defense as he's an outstanding skating/mobility with good speed and a smart hockey player. Wyman also played 4 years in the NCAA and was hardly ever injured, so with Quailer he's missed so much time that it's also hard to compare.

In the NCAA, both played on bad teams and both were among the top offensive players on the team. I'd say Quailer was better offensively but Wyman was better defensively. Neither though play much of a physical game, although both will use the body it doesn't appear to be a part of their game.

Originally Posted by 2 Chainz View Post
Both were underrated pickups made by Gauther that not many people gave him credit for, both are very interesting prospects and their ability to play multiple positions is a huge plus for them.
I have been impressed with both so far this year, I don't know what the future holds for him in regards to the NHL, as Holland should have a couple years to try and fill out his frame/get strong so we'll see what happens if he can do that. Either way he's a fun player to watch at least. Bournival is a much safer bet to make it since he works hard in his own end and has a good mix of skill, work ethic and physical abilities.

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