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10-27-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Matador View Post
Can someone who understands escrow and the leagues proposal take a look at this for me? It appears the league latest offer was a salary freeze instead of an actual rollback. Players contracts would have been honoured in full, under 5% growth. I ran the numbers as I understand escrow and the leagues proposal, but I am still not sure this is correct.

Escrow would have been bad in year 2. Players' salaries would be reduced via escrowfrom the 54-ish percent in revenue they were promised to 50%, depending on, of course, on the yet-to-be-decided details of the make-whole provision. By year 4, factoring in growth and the accounting changes Bettman wanted to how cap-contracts are counted, escrow would have been nothing. Less than it's ever been.

In the interim, Claude Giroux and Kris Letang probably get screwed, because the cap dollars they've earned won't exist in the numbers they would otherwise have been worth.

Funny, though, that we don't see them complaining. Instead we see Derek Roy and Ryan Suter...guys who've already locked up more than they're worth playing a dirge on the world's smallest violin.

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