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Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
Just pointing it out so that people aren't mislead. It's usually the soccer numbers that are often under-reported (and not reported) in many of the forums to give the impression of soccer being less popular than it is (I'm sure you didn't do it on purpose here though). That also later leads to comments like the one above "looks like X network is overpaying for soccer".
Do you have any actual data? Do you have anything useful to add? Nobody is trying to mislead anybody. And nobody is being informed by what you're saying -- because you aren't saying anything. You're just whining. If you have some data then post the data. If the data I posted is incorrect then find better data and post that.

I'm not trying to argue anything about any sport's popularity. I was just trying to find some objective data and share it cause I thought people mind find that useful. If you have any data I'd love to see it.

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