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10-27-2012, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
(1) Because shortening the season wouldn't make each game worth more. It would just reduce revenues.

(2) But it's so unequivocally not a good argument against lowering the cap. If the cap were set at $10M/season, it's not like all 30 teams would suddenly become uncompetitive. Whoever spent the limited amount they were allowed to the most effectively would be the most competitive. So if teams are losing money because they're spending more than they take in trying to be competitive, lower how much they're allowed to spend. It will in no way make the entire league uncompetitive. It's impossible for that to even happen, somebody spending $10M/year in that scenario would have to win the cup, and the fans would all be happy.
1) Well, I've been hearing around here that losing the first month or so isn't a big deal to the owners because not much is gained in revenue at this time, that in fact it is a losing time for many teams.

2) I wasn't focusing on the argument of not lowering the Cap Floor (I just commented that doing that wasn't my point). My point was, that if salaries are costing teams too much, one would think that 1/2 the League would've been trying to spend near the Cap Floor. Was that in fact the case? I've never heard anything to that affect. But yet, owners are saying that they were being forced to spend too much.

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