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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
I'm really not so sure about this. Especially if we talk about Sweden. There many good Swedes playing in SEL and KHL.

And in the end we are talking about absolute top talent, not average NHLers. Look at Swedes. Sweden has just a fraction of NHL players compared to Canada, but Sedins, Lundqvist, Backstrom and Zetterberg are absolute top talent. A few years ago with Alfie and Nick Lidstrom it was even better.

Or Slovakia. I agree, that pretty much all Slovak players that are good enough are in the NHL. So in the end you have a very small talent pool, but Chara, Hossa, Gaborik and Halak are better than most of the talent that has come from Canada.
There are some great Swedes playing in the SEL and KHL but I think the list of those who have turned down NHL contracts is pretty short. I haven't checked but I have a feeling there are more Swedes in the AHL than the KHL.

Last year 68 Swedes played in the NHL and 5 of them finished in the top 30 of scoring (I'm sure you meant to include Erik Karlsson in your list). The vast majority of the Swedish NHLers however were not what you would call "top talent" in the league, just as is the case with every other nation. I'm sure if you look at the averages over the last 10 years or so that you will find the percentages of Swedes who finish in the top 30 or top 60 of league scoring are pretty much in line with the IIHF survey numbers. Certainly though there will be variations from season to season. For example in the 2000/2001 season Forsberg was the only Swede to finish in the top 30. I should also add that the smaller the sample size the higher the error. If you increased from top 30 to top 300 the percentages would probably become more constant.

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