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Originally Posted by MarkhamNHL View Post
the league is profitable, how they split their portion is not the players concern

in the real business world, when a franchise loses 40 million and has never made you a dime (ever), you close it or move it...
I like your arguments . For which team did you play again?
You realize that the NHLPA loses a crapload of jobs with every contracted team? It is NOT in their best interest to close a franchise.
Relocation might be but that can be kind of difficult (arena lease,market, right owner , creating a bigger tv market...

Seriously. This is all about greed and pride. One of the worst combinations there is.

It would have been in the best interest of both sides to not lose one dollar of revenue because of bad publicity or even worse because of missed games/seasons.

Just ask yourself why didn't they start sooner with their negotiations? Why didn't they lock themselves into a room after the CBA expired and didn't stop until they hammered out a deal?

Because everyone of them is a "spoiled" (in terms of money and success) person who is used to get things done his way. Everyone believes that the other will budge. If it would be only about money, a deal would have been reached. It is about pride now, about egos.

I mean why not work together and maximize league profits? How about a 90 / 10 split for the players?

Owners have to reveal the costs of running a team to the NHLPA or another entity. Those costs get payed out of the total revenue pot.

The rest of the money made goes into a big pot (all 30 franchises combined, ) and from it lets say 90 % goes towards the players (cap gets calculated that way).
If they stop ************ around every 7 years and annihilating their fans, they would come out way ahead in a deal like that. Evenmoreso if the league flourishes. The owners get their steady 10 % (team adjusted) profits and absolute cost certainty. If the league flourishes, team value rises.

Yeah this probably is a bad proposal (MLSE would hate it ). I just wanted to show, that there are many creative ways to solve the financial issues if you work on it together.

But it is all about pride and "getting the money back". Both sides are hurting themselves big time. The players even moreso than the owners. Owners will lose a crapload of money but in the end they will get their way. That happened last time and it will happen again. They have the better bargaining position.

Fehr will ruin it for the players ( I wish they would shut up and stop showing us their delusions), get fired and the players will have to swallow their pride again and accept a craptastic deal. 7 years later, things might go even worse.

Nothing worse than watching a bunch of millionaires and billionaires *****ing about how unfair the world is and especially how bad their vital negotiation partner is treating them.

Happy days for lawyers.....

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