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10-27-2012, 06:35 PM
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I saw some shenanigans at Dorton Arena too. The IceCaps were never a really tough team. They had a couple of goons over the years, but Kleinendorst was never THAT type of coach. The IceCaps seemed to get pushed around a lot. But the fans did not! I saw visiting players get pelted with cups, many full of drinks, etc. One particular night, a visiting player got ejected from the game, and as he left the bench, he had to walk around the outside of the glass, around to the other side of the "zamboni tunnel" all without a canopy like most places use today. As he left the bench, he flipped a folding chair up into the first row and it hit a little girl. That guy got absolutely pelted. We were sitting right on the edge of the "end one" or the zamboni tunnel. I saw a cup, full when it left the hands of whoever threw it, fly over my head and hit the guy square in the face. He stopped and smacked his stick up on the wall and yelled some smack talk, but quickly exited stage left after another barrage of cups came his way.

Good $5 entertainment!

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