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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its outside of this conversation but a lot of good teams, even Stanley Cup winning teams, seemed to go from middle of the road to winning team in a hurry and with this often being parlayed into a SC run.

Confidence is confidence and once it ignites at the NHL level the difference is often sudden and pronounced.

If anything the Sens kind of confirm for me that success at the AHL level isn't really related to success at the NHL level. Unless one thinks that the Sens had a successful team building season last year. All they really succeeded in doing is being good enough to avoid good draftpicks.
A lot of pundits had the Sens finishing out of the playoffs this year and I'd agree.
The above is what I would consider typical for many misinformed fans. They see a team stinking the joint out and then miraculously, shoot up the standings, and think it's some magical potion that got them there instantaneously. What they fail to notice is the years of accumulating talent and grooming it to finally produce the successful result. Los Angeles is an excellent example. Years of stinking the joint out followed by mediocrity. But seemingly overnight, many of their homegrown talent came together and others were traded away for important pieces. Ottawa was a horrible team the year before last (they were even in the running for the #1 overall pick until the Oilers managed to outsuck them and all others), but the Sens had an excellent farm system and moved several players up after a Calder Cup winning season. The winning experience those players got translated into immediate help for the existing stars like Alfredson and Phillips.

You are correct in saying that when confidence ignites, it is very powerful and immediate. What you fail to mention is the time it took to finally gain that confidence.

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