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10-27-2012, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Daaaarryyl View Post
I want to keep Islanders and the logo (and especially the history) but wow, Brooklyn Knights!! Whoa. In my honest opinion that could be HUGE, like not only in Brooklyn and New York but huge altogether.
With all due respect

What a half assed name for a team.
Brooklyn Knights sounds like the old sneaker company British Knights.
I hope Wang owns the team for a long time so it stays the Islanders.

This idea that people in Brooklyn are not willing to accept that they also live on Long Island (because they live in the city) blows the mind. It doesn't matter if the majority of people don't look at themselves as living on Long Island, because they actually do. It doesn't mean that they think they're right, sometimes the majority is wrong. (I have an Aunt that has almost always lived in Brooklyn-except for a decade of living in Suffolk) and she doesnt see Brooklyn as a part of Long Island. She is wrong. They are Islanders even if a vocal minority here that live in Brooklyn hate Nassau and Suffolk (hey its not like I love Nassau either) The name The Islanders should not be tampered with.

The history of the cups goes away with a name change. Do you think that if Isles would want to alienate fans? I know to some of you the fans in Nassau and Suffolk dont matter anymore to you. I do matter. Name change would be the dumbest move. Why would you ruin years of history (41 years soon, 43-44 years by the move, and maybe a team that is 50 years old 5 years into the lease) by changing the name. This is not the Washington Bullets in the NBA that changed the name because of violent gun crime and the connection with the team(year after year of gun violence in DC) to make it PC.

With all due respect, the history is more important than a few opinions that it has to conform to what they want.

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