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Originally Posted by FoppaForsberg View Post
I think he means the big guys. like Hall, RNH, Yakupov, Eberle, Schultz vs Murray, Erixon, Johansen, if we do lose the season,they would be able to add a lot of guys this upcoming draft with 3 first round picks in one of the deepest drafts since 03. So yeah, they could possibly.
Read what he said again.

Originally Posted by slightlystewpid420 View Post
Jackets need to stack up a few more 1sts and this team could easily top edmonton with potential and depth with 1 draft in what took them....3 years?
The BJs could very well end up the better team after a lottery draft but to suggest that they will be able to find more talent in 1 draft than the Oilers did in 3 with the best picks in each of those drafts is crazy.

First of all, if the BJs get MacKinnon their second round pick basically becomes a third round pick, their 4th becomes a 5th, their 6th a 7th. Next, his premise of acquiring more firsts sounds simple but who trades a pick that could become first overall? Or in a draft that is expected to be much deeper than normal? The BJs aren't exactly flush in NHL talent they can sell without opening holes in their roster.

Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
I see a little more E.Staal in him than Toews? This is a player I'd love to see Calgary build around if they land 3rd or 4th or 5th overall.
It would be sweet revenge from the last lottery for the Alberta teams to be on top.

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