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10-27-2012, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sweech View Post
Was Telegin not in the lineup because of Jaffray's return?

Edit: Also noticed Gregoire and King aren't playing today. Other noticeables I've heard are injured. Anyone know the exact injury report of the team?
Gregoire is playing
Also keep in mind the IceCaps currently have more vets than they are allowed to dress
I know Sawada, Postma, and Whitmore are injured
I know Melchiori is a healthy scratch
Rest I'm not sure

Today's list:
2 Ramsey, Travis D
7 Meech, Derek D
8 Burmistrov, Alex C
9 Clark, Kevin RW
10 Machacek, Spencer RW
11 Gagnon, Aaron C
14 O'Dell, Eric C
15 Jaffray, Jason LW
16 Albert, John C
17 Gregoire, Jason LW
18 Chiarot, Ben D
23 O'Neill, Will D
24 Redmond, Zach D
26 Macenauer, Maxime C
29 Arsene, Dean D
36 Tremblay, Hunter LW
48 Klingberg, Carl LW
49 Maxwell, Ben C

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