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Originally Posted by Cruor View Post
Re: the other thread about lack of Russians. Firsov is sorely missing here.
Seriously, do you really think that Firsov is one of the BEST 70 players of all time?

He was an extremely good player on the Russian scene as they entered the explosion in the early 70's onto the international scene but there is no evidence to suggest that he belongs even in a top 100 of all time unless one is trying to fill all time slots from all hockey playing countries or something.

Here is a quick look at his goal scoring breakdown 134 in his 166 games from 1962-72

Games and goals and GPG against all countires

Canada 35-26 .74
Sweden 31-24 .77
Czech 28-16 .57
Finland 25-15 .60
US 15-14 .93
West Germany 12-16 1.33
East Germany 10-13 1.30
Poland 6-2 .33
Italy 1-4 4.00
Hungary 1-2 2.00
Japan 1-1 1.00
Switzerland 1-1 1.00

It should also be noted that the level of competition was considerably less than the NHL at this time as well, even from the Canadian and US teams and even the level of competition from the other "big 3" in Europe at the time is very difficult to evaluate but in no way was it in any way as good as in the NHL over the same time period.

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