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Originally Posted by TeamKidd View Post
to me, the logic is that they dont want to upset the fan base right now...the people most likely to trek to brooklyn to see the games are the traditional islander fans....over time, the people of brooklyn may adopt the team...currently they are mostly ranger fans or hipsters...but thats another story....

as time goes on...the team will lose its LONG ISLAND identity...or at least it will be morphed with a brooklyn-ite i do see a vamping of the team to incorporate its actual physical location AND an increase in attendance from locals....

to know that this team could have thrived on long island, as long islands team....and have them in brooklyn because of inept politicians is, and will forever be, a huge burr in my saddle. im glad they arent moving to kansas...but i know many people ive spoken to about this who are upset by the move (NONE BLAME WANG).

As for the rest of your commentary, i hope you arent talking about me...although since this was in response to something I wrote, i think it might be. Regardless, I have said repeatedly that I do not blame wang for what he did, and I probably would have done the same thing....and that this move lies directly on the feet of the politicos in nassau......

but if you dont think a move to brooklyn changes anything....that it doesnt change the identity of the franchise, you are being myopic. These will be the Brooklyn Islanders. the name brooklyn is cache. being brooklyns team is a world renouned thing. brooklyn has been voted the coolest place to live. and thats all great and junk, but the we know them....will be altered....dont stick your head in the sand. its a CLEAR business decision to adopt brooklyn over the traditional "islander" theme....and in time, the logo, the name, and the identity will reflect that. bookmark it and lets review it at the end of the decade.

I don't see Wang trying to erase the NYI history or dismissing the NYI fans on LI because the isles are suddenly Brooklyn bound. I think Wang wants both his old NYI tix buyers and the new tix buyers in Brooklyn, supporting the team after the Brooklyn move.

I don't see the isles move as a relocation in the typical sense. This isn't the Thrashers who never sniffed a cup, moving to Winnepeg. This is more along the lines of the LA Kings moving from their LA suburb, to downtown LA.

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