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10-27-2012, 07:45 PM
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Nice to see Suter disappointed with Leipold. Great to see both him and Parise creating some bad blood with the owner before they even play their first game in a Wild jersey.

So was Leipold suppose to not offer them that money? Those two players have to realize that they were the best FA's available and the competition was fierce. Don't tell me they had no clue about what was about to happen on September 15th. Maybe they should have waited till after the new CBA to sign with a team. They damn well knew the situation when negotiating. Hello, Mr. Big Signing Bonus! Heck, they knew about the upcoming fight. Why else would they bring in Fehr. If it wasn't Leipold, it would have been another team. Philly offered more, did they not? And Detroit threw the bank at Suter. Both parties knew exactly what was going on and what was about to happen. He thinks Leipold shouldn't have offered the contract if he didn't intend on paying it in full? Guess what? NO owner was offering a contract of that caliber during the last 12 months that wasn't going to be questioned, used as an example of, or affected by the new CBA. How does this man not get this? Even the fans could see it a mile away. Yes. The owners were crazy for creating those contracts, but the #$@!ing players and their agents constantly driving up their prices had an equal part in creating this mess! Sure didn't see a gun to their heads during the process. Supply and demand. This July the supply was pretty weak, and the demand was high. And their agents had a field day with it.

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