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10-27-2012, 07:53 PM
Playoffs? Playoffs!
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
you know all we have to do to change oiler fans' opinions is let them score a million goals and win. otherwise it's boring. they're just so damn predictable. It's tough to keep in mind that for every idiot that says something like that there are 10 who are normal.

Granlund has a pretty shot, and Brodin is actively being encouraged to play offense. I like where this is headed. we have a defensive dman who is showing early signs of offense and a playmaker with a wicked quick accurate shot.

Didn't Jacques always say PMB has a fantastic shot too? I could be misremembering. But it makes sense that guys who can rag the puck around like that would have the control necessary. Just a matter of getting them to use it.
I don't know about JL saying that, but PMB does have a great shot, he just too rarely uses it.

The guy has the hands, and the vision. It's just a matter of trusting in his ability to use it.

If he can truly come back, and contribute in a top-6 roll to his pre-concussion standards. I'll be happy to have him.

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