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10-27-2012, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
This is such crap. I still cannot find a valid reason why the NHLPA didn't at least take the NHL's most recent proposal in part, and build their new stuff off of that and see where it went from there. That had to be Fehr's doing because it would've made at least one part of a foundation for a larger TBD agreement. Instead he just pissed on it.

Example: say OK to the split and HRR definition but no to the FA stuff. Create some type of give-take negotiation ethic there.
This is what I was debating you about last month Chancellor. Fehr is an incredibly talented and egotistical man. The NHL HAD to low ball early on to give themselves some negotiating room against this guy.

He has the players wrapped around his thumb, and his real agenda is not getting them the best deal to play this season, but to solidify his name in history via breaking the NHL owners.

I doubt that will happen, but he seems to think he is still up against the same kind of system as in MLB. And for that, we are likely to lose a whole season, as I Just don't see the players figuring things out till the spring when all is lost and they will have to sign for 48% HHR while giving up a bunch of other rights.

The NHL is not fooling around, and will not let up at the end this time like they did in 2005 when the players got a great deal in exchange for the cap. Fehr has really pissed off the NHL leadership, and they will be looking for blood when the players finally wise up and do something about this guy.

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