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Originally Posted by Needles View Post
It's not the end of the world if you have two good PMDs playing together.
I never said I've got something against that. Even less lately, as it's worked quite well in the adult Lions under Jalonen. Also, I've seen enough of Määttä and Ristolainen to say that they're complete packages and definitely not liabilities in own end either.

I was simply commenting on the general composition of the seven, which tends to be 4OD/3DD no matter who plays with who on even strength. We got three of our PP quarterbacks locked down, and need fourth. Lindbohm is not that guy. He is, however, probably the most reliable shutdown type we have as of now and definitely belongs on the roster if he keeps playing as he does right now.

Originally Posted by Needles View Post
I'm aware of that. However, Salminen & Lamberg love to hit everything that moves. And they hit hard. And they can use that abilty better as wingers. Hännikäinen is looking like a reliable two-way forward and can play more defensively between those two cannonballs. Faceoffs could be a problem but Salminen can handle those.

Leino isn't a 4th line player at this level. But he is a good backup if someone in our top9 doesn't produce.
Leino is a good multipurpose forward who has spent plenty of games in HPK's 4th line and can handle his two-way duties just fine. Not that I'm saying he should be the frontrunner for 4th line C, that Jokerit trio is admittedly more deserving. But Salminen should be the centre. Don't take this too hard, but it's a little silly that you claim Leino isn't able to handle the job, but would still happily hand it to Hännikäinen, whose experience for playing in the middle is technically nada, zip, zero and zilch.

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