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10-27-2012, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by CAPiTA View Post
Ohhh ok. Yeah I don't mind turning on my CPU if I can't do some games. I thought we had to play all games in person. I can make things work (if I make the playoffs) if the person I play PMs me to arrange a time for each game, but relying on the chance that both of us would be online at the same time, there's no chance we'd be that lucky 7 times in a week given the hours I'm usually on (Past 11pm). I'm fine taking a break from my work to play some games earlier than that, but I have no idea if people are online wanting to play me if they don't PM me here since I'm not on xbox live...
yeah don't worry too much, given you only have one opponent, it should be reasonably easy to figure out time(s) over a few days, provided people communicate like you say

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