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10-27-2012, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Like it or not, the NHL believes that for now, 30 teams is the optimum size. Contraction is not an option, not even a word in their vocabulary. Your core point however, that a smaller more compact & elite league is one with plenty of support on both sides of the Border. Exclusive as opposed to being inclusive, dispensing with Revenue Sharing, a soft Cap, maybe 16 Teams in total, fewer games etc. Alas, thats just not in the cards.

The Panthers have a Lease that runs through 2029 I believe, and despite the team being a lost leader, the building itself makes money. Tallon is in the midst of a re-build after over a decade of complete failure, and I do believe they will turn the corner, succeed. Carolina is run by the parsimonious Rutherford & Karmano's, and here again, the building does extremely well, the team too always competitive, a Cup under their belt, going nowhere. Columbus, thans to Brain Dead GM MacLean and a beyond horrible Lease was pushed to the brink, but those problems are gone, absolutely no reason for the NHL to fail in Ohio. As for Phoenix, ya, looks like a Relo job for sure, and for that I blame NHL Inc. Not Moyes, not the fans, the league itself.
Not to mention contraction is bush league. No major league can afford the loss of prestige that contraction entails. Contraction is what FAILED leagues do, on their way to going under completely.

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