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10-27-2012, 10:20 PM
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Some of the discussion makes me chuckle. We got some hair splitting going on.

IF there is a tweak to the jersey it should only be to add Queens and Brooklyn. Period. End of story. Otherwise leave it alone. You damn well know there will be a 3rd jersey as well. What that is remains to be seen.

For those who advocate moving now, not going to happen unless a developer or Wang want to pony up some serious dough to break the lease. Nassau is feeling like a women scorned. They are not going to make it cheap or easy for him to leave.

Also for those who keep complain Queens and Brooklyn are not a part of Long Island, please go sit in an elementary school geography class.

For those who voted NO on 8/1 and to those who stopped any forward progress I hope you enjoy your tax bill in 2015-2016. I can't wait to see how much it goes up.

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