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Originally Posted by Beastieboy View Post
I think 24 teams would be ideal. Lose some of the biggest cash drains and empty rinks without enough hardcore fans. They could have AHL teams, but those markets would not support them. Yotes, Ducks, Jackets, Stars, Avalanche, Panthers... maybe Isles (or are they saved by moving to new rink now).
But if you get rid of, say, the Panthers and the Yotes, you also get rid of feel good stories, which are part of the worldwide appeal of the NHL. I think losing franchises and trying to expand the market are just part of the game, and while you might switch or cut a team or two, it would, at least to me, feel weird making significant changes to the number of teams or where they're located. But it might be different for me, as NHL has never been my "local" league until I came to Canada, and so I definitely wouldn't be interested in it if it was, say, the original six or even with the first expansion teams added composing it, regardless of the level of play.

And why would you cut the Avalanche?

edit: What I'm trying to argue for is that by cutting the losing teams you wouldn't be just cutting their losses, and everything else would stay the same, you'd be changing the fabric of the entire league and you can't tell how it would impact it. The impact probably wouldn't be as drastic in Canada, but I'm not sure about the US and other parts of the world. Less teams also means less players in the league, and I know for a fact that, say, without Kopitar playing for the Kings, there would be far, far many people interested in the NHL in Slovenia than they are now. Whether those fans are important or not is a different matter, but there's always talk about the popularity of NHL vs. the other big leagues in the US, and sometimes seemingly small and unimportant things can get a lot of people hooked on the game and the league.

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